Here we will provide you publications and the actual state:

18.11.20031 week spanish language course in Otavalo
12.11.2003now we are flying across the sea to Quito, Ecuador
09.11.2003from London Heathrow to Madrid, Spain
08.11.2003Start of the world trip:The departure from Hanh to London 
25.10.2003interview SR3 Saarlandwellen (MP3 shortcut)
24.10.2003Verabschiedung durch Verbandsgemeindebürgermeister Schartz (TV Article)
17.10.2003first german article in our local newspaper (Trierischen Volksfreund)
07.10.2003The round-the-world tickets are booked
30.08.2003Thomas´30 and Goodbye Party in Saarburg-Beurig
27.07.2003The mails to companies for sponsoring issues are posted.
29.06.2003The guestbook is online and waiting for your entries.
01.06.2003The homepage is nearly ready (german version) but already online
28.05.2003Later, but know Thomas has also retired from his job! 
15.04.2003Antonia has retired, there is no way back!